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    Originally Posted by knicksin60
    Could anyone explain why these people pay their hard earned money so that they could boo the player that the team that they root for ends up drafting? Are these really spoiled Knick fans that do this? Or are these pretend Knick fans that only want to be seen and heard on TV?

    Every year, there are hundrerds, maybe even thousands, of people with Knick apparel on who attend these NBA drafts and who make it their birthright to boo the player that the Knicks draft whether it be Gallo, Jordan Hill or Iman Shumpert.

    Did Knick fans also boo Patrick Ewing when he was drafted by the Knicks?

    I just think it's naive and frivolous to boo a player you know very little about without giving him the opportunity to display his potential and have an impact for the team that you are a fan of.
    because we are the smartest fans in the world and the ownership/management never listen to us
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    I didn't read everyones post so forgive me if it was already stated but the answer is simple...the draft is held normally in MSG or in NYC area therefore there are Knick fans there to be loud. We don't know if Milwaukee fans are upset at there pick because they are not gathered and there reaction is not broadcast on national TV like Knick fans are each year.

    That said, we are also loud opinionated New Yawkers who are known to be vocal. Further, we have been burned many times in the draft so when Knick fans who have done their homework see we draft an unexpected pick when their research lead them to conclude we should have drafted player X who is still available you will hear Kick fans boo.

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