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    Not trying to start anything just making a statement. Think about it really. Is it necessary to put NO HOMO in your post do you reallly think we think ya Gay or are you just a self concious closet Gay and you feel safe by saying NO HOMO....For your info no one here really knows you or cares about your sexual fantasy with you roommate or high school buddy. Grow Up people comments like that in this day and Age can cause you alot of problems be careful how you use words and statements they can be miscontrued.

    By using NO HOMO you are obviously biased against Gays......I 100% straight In fact I will do most of ya Mama's and Sisters **** leave me alone with wifey long enough and im Banging her. LOL nah but, seriously ppl we are Adults and people with common sense the NO HOMO is not needed not that we care anyway ok...........

    Looking forward to the replys and reasoning behind the whole NO HOMO Craze ////////////// Lets Go KNICKS !!!
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    Yo Im over in Section 420 Whats up Ppl......
    Lets Go Knicks !

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