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    Default How Long is it before CAA owns the entire Garden?

    Or the entire NBA, for that matter? With CAA representing LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo, and with all the ties that World Wide Wes has (he's a CAA consultant last I checked) long is it before personnel decisions in the NBA are made for the sole purpose of appeasing the Creative Artists' Agency?

    Earlier this year we signed Mark Warkentien on as a consultant and personnel director/whatever. Was this, too, a move to appease the Creative Artists' Agency? Why do I get the feeling that the NBA is slowly turning into an old boys' club?

    A few years back CAA purchased Leon Rose's agency. Leon Rose represents Chris Paul, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Deron Williams, and Renaldo ****ing Balkman. Did we take back Balkman's contract in the January trade just because he had the same agent as Carmelo? How long is it before the Creative Artists' Agency rules the NBA and personnel decisions and team building for the sake of building a contender become a thing of the past?

    Damn it all. I know we ended up with Carmelo and I love watching the Knicks but I can't help but think that the free agency spectacle of the NBA has ruined much of the fun of the game for me...any thoughts?

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    We took back Balkman's contract because we wanted Melo, and Balkman was the "throw in" that Denver wanted to move to immediately get rid of an unwanted contract. Same way Okafor would be a throw in for any CP3 trade because NO wants to be rid of that's simple NBA negotiating..."we do you a favor by giving you this guy...but in return you either have take back something you don't want, or give up something you don't want."

    And William Wesley's influence is way over blown...what exactly has he influenced? Was it LBJ going to Chicago? No? How about Calipari coming to the NBA again? say he got an 8 year extension at Kentucky? His ties to Jay-Z got the Nets a big name player right? They traded multiple first round picks and their 3rd overall pick, last year, for a player who's not even under contract past this coming season? ****.....dude seems really influential.

    I think if you let it bother will bother you. But taking back bad contracts as part of a compromise in a trade doesn't really have much to do with free agency, it's business as usual. It was the same thing when we gave up our 2012 draft pick in the McGrady trade.
    Guess if I was simple in the mind...everything would be fine.

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