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    ****ing hell, would have been to good to see a contending Knicks team eh?

    Bull**** this. We have a nice team for the first time in ages and what happens? A lockout....damn.

    STAT will be 30 or close to 30 next season...

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    Man I really wish we could start our own Pro BBall league like the USFL did w/ football. Have it during the summer months, revenue sharing so small markets can survive, no crazy ass contracts or retarded ass owners to hand them out, Tryouts open to the public in each city there is a team, 90's NBA type ball is played and the players play for the game while all the other stuff comes 2nd, put the league in cities like Seattle,Vancouver,Tampa,Kansas City, etc. Then have an interleague tournament an get all off in the NBAs' Ass(No Homo)....A man can dream

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    F**K no trades, no summer league, no nothing related to the NBA. They can't even show replays of the finals on NBA TV. They have 4 months, they better get a deal done.

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