Aigh, so its here the lockout! it is wat it is. But i wanna know whose side are you on and why.
I kinda see the stance the players are taking in that they want the owners to workout their differences out first before asking the players to negotiate and compromise on different terms. And to me it makes sense cuz if the players are willing to taking a united stand for what they want, the owners should as well. But the owners are still divided between the big market vs the small market franchises. Between revenue sharing and individual profiting. Etc.

Here are the people involved:

-Want shorter contracts
-Want non-guaranteed contracts
-Want some sort of franchise tag
-Want to curb the exorbant contracts, the one nd done players who play their ass off during a contract season and then are jus duds

-Want just as much as before, if not more, of the profits.
-Dont want to give into the demands of the owners

- We're even willing to pay to watch these greedy bastards play with a round ball (......No Homo)

Personally here is what i would like to see.
- A 3 yr max contract (and i have no problem with the current max $ amount. The lebrons and kobes deserve the so much more compared to the duhons and mike conleys cuz they pack arenas and sell merchandise fattening the owners' pockets.)
- Franchise tag on a player (Like NFL)
- Soft cap like it is now
- Mid-level exception like it is now