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My tolerance for sports is dwindling. From Melo, to Dolan and now billionaires arguing with millioniares about money...the only people that really lose anything are the fans, the same people that give these overpaid, egomaniacial, self-involved pricks the money they're screaiming about. We've created these monsters by worshipping them and giving them everything they want with little reciprocity.

There are better and much more important things in life than a bunch of spoiled brats putting a ball in a hole and acting like they deserve anything more than our occasional applause. Move on. Read a book. Educate yourself. Lord knows, these douchebags don't give a pinch of sh*t about you.
At the end of the day, it is true that without the athletes, professional sports would be nothing, like another poster wrote. I don't even know why owners for teams feel they would need to make money beyond what is necesary for operations, maintenance and improvementes. ¿Why are there no player and ballboy cooperatives?

With that said about the owners, ¿100 million? That is nonsense. ¿Using your stardom to bully yourself to assembling a championship? That's not even sports. That's a whole different level of competition that we need to get past as as a society. Yet for some reason, we keep going back to the NBA, the NFL and even MLB. Like Justin Bieber or the Royal Wedding. Completely useless yet fascinating.

¡Support your local amateur sports leagues!