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    Originally Posted by Danilo
    Theres no way thats true. I'm pretty sure that you can only have one MLE under contract at a time. Thats why Jared Jeffries was such a bad signing a few years back.
    Not at all. Jeffries was a bad signing because he sucked, not because of his contract. Case in point we also signed Chris Duhon to the MLE, same with Jerome James

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    Well, I guess it's that age old decision of money over ring.

    Also another thing he could consider is he'd have a much more important role and be more crucial to the success of the team if he signed w/ us rather than Miami. I know if I wanted a ring I'd atleast want to have a pretty decent role in going for it.

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    If Dalembert doesn't sign with the Heat he will end up signing with a team other than the Knicks.As much as the Knicks have improved in the last year they are still an incomplete team with a few pieces away from being a contender.NBA veterans like Dalembert want to win championships right away and since the Heat are already contenders any veteran would be foolish to turn down the chance of playing for them for an opportunity to play on a team that hasn't won a playoff game in more than ten years.Not trying to disrespect the Knicks, but Lebron James has proved that stars are more concerned about chasing rings than anything else.When it comes to luring Dalembert, the Knicks really don't have anything that another team doesn't have already.
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