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    Originally Posted by knicksman20
    We have to remember Mcgee was sharing minutes & coming off the bench to replace Andray Blatche. So his numbers won't look as good. Mcgee is young enough to coach up & should be inexpensive. His ceiling is high & with the right coach he could potentially be an all-star. He addresses an immediate need for the team, an interior presence & someone who doesn't need offensive plays run for him to be effective.
    He started 75 games last year. In general I agree with your assessments of his upside & his filling a need, but I think the Knicks will be looking to bigger names than him in 2012. He will likely be a 3rd or 4th fallback option.

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    McGee would be the perfect center to start in the frontcourt alongside of
    Amare & Melo.....McGee potential is very high at a young age, athletically
    he will become strong partners with PG-Wall on the Wizards.
    The Wizards hiring a veteran bigman coach for McGee/ Blatche/ and Lewis,
    could change the entire outlook of the Wizards offense/defense halfcourt
    setting game.
    I didnt understand the Wizards 3 foolish 2011 draft picks....I actually thought
    the Knicks were going to trade with the Wizards....Iman for Singleton and
    34th pick on draft night (Wall & Iman), but then again every team slept on
    PG-Isiah Thomas

    To me, Mcgee equals D.League Sean Williams who have all the athletic
    talent to be a great post-defender, but has been lacking the bigman-
    coaching guidance (in the NBA) to fit into a teams chemistry where the
    small things like boxing-out and making oponents change their shots would
    equal alot of Knicks wins.

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