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    Originally Posted by SSj4Wingzero
    1. Brewer could have been a lockdown defender.
    2. Nobody's infatuated with Brewer, we're more just wondering why we dumped him and kept Roger Mason Jr. of all people.
    I agree on both points but I don't see how either negates my point. Brewer is extremely limited offensively, and unless you are a big, it's hard to be THAT limited offensively and get significant minutes. Again, he got virtually no playing time in Dallas, a team running a defense-first system under Carlisle, and they gave him a 3 year 8 million dollar deal (i think) to boot - so had very incentive to play him. I agree that we should have kept him over Roger Mason Jr. but it's just not a big deal in the grand scheme of things and has absolutely no bearing on the validity of the Shumpert pick one way or another (as some have suggested it does)

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    1. Even if we got Kenneth Faried Mike D will not play him. Can't shoot 3's, and Mike D would rather run Amar'e out there for 42 minutes a game than play Kenneth Faried. At least when it comes to Shumpert he doesn't really have any other choice.

    2. Brewer didn't get playing time in Dallas because he joined Dallas with like 3 months left in the season. Also a player like Corey Brewer is more of a regular-season guy than a guy you really use a lot in the playoffs. In the playoffs because you have more days off you can use a shorter rotation, whereas in the regular season you need more depth because you don't have as much time off and you need to rest your stars for the postseason.

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