Gallo and Wilson are great but Gallo<<<<<<Melo

and Wilson was my favorite Knick and while I loved his versatility and being able to use him at the 2, he simply was not a 2.

Felton was nullified by Billups

Anthony Randolph wouldve been nice to keep, but still being tagged with that word potential into his 3rd season warrants concern if he will ever "get it"

With that big gapping whole at the 5 Mozgov would have also been nice to have kept too

So who would I have desperatly wanted back......Anthony Randolph!!!!!!

Now this is a hypethetical thread so we need to ignore the logistics of the trade to even contemplate the question....meaning, there are players who had to be included to get this deal done as was the case with AR, no way Curry comes off the books to allow us the freedom to do this if AR is not included.

But, if we if we were allowed to bring any of those guys back it would be AR for me. I don't see him as an All Star but I do see him eventually becoming one of those guys who gives a good team a nice lift....which is basically what Donnie Walsh and Billups say we need right now to compete.

Ofcourse the argument is that we need a Center so Mozgov would be the obvious choice....yet we needed a Center for much of the time Mozgov was on the roster and even when he was our starting Center he did not provide much help.

Joel Prybilla to me would out preform Timofey for us.

Not to mention I suspect The Knicks have their eyes on Dwight Howard next Summer.

I also wouldve loved to have seen Corey Brewer play for us....I swear him getting cut was apart of some handshake agreement with Walsh and David Khan because that made absolutley no sense to me.