I want Andrei Kirilenko first. He will change this team totally with his verstality and defense.

Stevenson, Battier, Chuck Hayes as our enforces...one of each I'll be fine with.

Arroyo or Barea as back ups. I don't like how Douglas runs the pick and roll, and Arroyo and Barea are professionals, at it, I prefer Barea because he'll automatically be the fastest guard on this team (we're not a fast footed team). No I'm not saying this because I'm Puerto Rican, as you guys know I know my **** on NBA players.

I say if we sign Kirilenko and trade for Paul, get Barea as a back up, we got a pretty explosive well rounded team (I'm being optimistic here.)

PG - Paul (38 mins)
SG - Stevenson (28 mins)
SF - Anthony (38 mins)
PF - Kirilenko (30 mins)
C - Stoudimire (36 mins)

Back up combo guard for Paul/Stevenson
Barea (24 mins)

Back up SG/SF
Walker (22 minutes)

Energy board crasher
Balkman (18 mins)


See, the depth isn't that strong.

This is why if we get CHUCK HAYES, we'll be a solid all around team with the superstar offensive trio in Paul/Anthony/Stoudimire, along with role players that fit those superstars.