Hey the Melo drama is over. Yeah our teams FO gave away to many assets but the Knicks tend to suck at trades. Carmelo also wasn't just bought here to score he was bought here to lessen the offensive load for Amare who was being doubled teamed all game (thus allowing the other Knicks to score easier).

Gallo, Will, and Felton were not scrubs and being on a team in Denver that no longer relied on Melo scoring off of Iso plays (because he is a good enough player to be able to score on just about anyone in a iso play) helped because they could move the ball around and get open looks.

Anyhow we have Melo an while I question going for CP3 instead of a center and complementary pieces the FO is dead set to get him (probably because it will guarantee ticket and knick memorabilia sales)

We as fans want the Knicks to win a championship (so we can shoot down all the knick haters) and the Knicks FO wants more viewers for MSG so they can charge more for advertising fees. Hopefully by 2012/2013 both sides will be satisfied.