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I stopped reading the list after it showed Nenad Kristic, Brad Miller and Spencer Hawes in front of Kenderick Perkins and Chris Kaman.
Not sure if the spotting on the list is based on value/performance vs current $

The point is to see how few are viable

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Yea, there are definitely some issues re where some of the players are positioned. Why is Bogut not in the top 5?
And obviously teams have different values on different players (like a draft board)

I'm not asking if we agree on the seeding.

I'm showing how few and far between centers are, and asserting that they can help us more in many ways if we prioritize one of them above a Max PG GIVEN OUR CURRENT STATE, history, and future projection.

I won't be mad if we got CP3; i'd be mad if we got CP3 and remained at the bottom defensively without addressing this dificiency.

As you can see there aren't many to go around that will affect the bottom line defensive figures.

If we post a PG list, there should be plenty, amicable options.

I vote if we can, trade for a center now instead of hoping for CP3. Nash & Lopez is MORE than a reasonable person can expect but fine... and if people say Lopez s*cks then all the better.

Nash will expire, Lopez can be part of that "platoon". Or if feasible, sign Kwame (who knew he would rank #17) and try and trade for a high pick- at least if we can draft a starting center $ won't really matter.

But its inevitable, we're going to need one- they need time to develop, we can't go into another season with this built-in excuse about who we don't have for MOA.

It behooves MOA to not wait and finally fill the center gap now so there are no excuses.

Trade anyone, any pick, except Stat & Melo for a viable center now if we plan on winning something.