We do not know what the new CBA will bring in terms of Cap or Max salary levels. No matter what, there has got to be some adjustments or "phasing-in" of current contracts. It is highly unlikely, however, that we are going to have the space for a third even close to Max contract. D12 and CP3 are both dreams, pleasant though they be.

For 2012 when Billups contract is off the books, Amare and Melo will use up about $39.5M. We will still have Balkman on the books for $1.675M, and a team option for Douglas at $2.067M. Shumpert is likely to be there at about $2M. That is $45M for five players. In 2012 each of Amare and Melo will be making about $21.5M. There will not be much left.