I think we would of beat Boston with a healthy Amar'e and Billups. Amar'e couldn't be stopped by boston. They got lucky with the back injury. Billups was the only true point guard on our team last season and without him our offense struggled a lot.

Defensively we were actually pretty good aside from the few costly mistakes (lob to KG). We held them under 100 points. Only Ray Allen's shooting saved them as Fields could not close out the best shooter in the game. There were 2 games we would of won with the injuries were it not for poor officiating. There's no doubt in my mind that with Amar'e and Billups in the lineup we would have beaten boston in 6 or 7 and had a shot to go to the ECF's, where we may have lost to Miami (being realistic) as their team had an extra 60 games or more to get cohesion. Chicago was not much of a challenge for us last year and I think we match up well with them.

Of course it's all speculation and pie in the sky. Injuries happen and the team needs to rise above it. You saw what melo could do on his own but the rest of the team just did not rise to the occasion. I suspect that this years team (if there is a team this year) will be much different and improved over last seasons squad.