Aldrige is ranked lower for me because of STAT's total pwnage of him in every game they play against one another. How can aldridge be an elite PF if he gets shat on by the others on this list? Even DLee has good games vs. aldridge. His number are inflated because of the lack of options on his team. Kind of like the knock against Love being an elite rebounder because of his team sucking.

I left out KG and TD. TD is a beast but i feel that he has moved on to become one of the better Centers in this age of the NBA. KG gets no love from me cause **** boston. seriously, my blind hatred of the celtics stops me from ranking any of their players on any list. you don the green and ****e and you're dead to me.

Bosh is getting no love here because he plays with Miami. He is an elite PF that actually plays better defense then the more atlhetic guys on the list like STAT. He still doesn't impact the floor like Dirk, STAT, Pau, Zbo and Griffin. but he is in the upper eschelon of players, unlike lamarcus and boozer and love who are great players and options at the 4, but not in the same way. Out of those 3 tho, i think lamarcus has always been on the edge of "elite" but never pushed into that tier. If he played with Greg Oden and Roy, what do you think those numbers would be like?