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    Nyk Logo Knicks promise fans refunds if.. er, when games are missed

    NBA season ticket holders have to pay early to get their seats at a “discounted” rate for the next season — usually before the playoffs are over, before free agency has begun.
    Or in the case of this year, before they know if there will be games this fall. Hundreds of thousands of people — okay, tens of thousands of people and a lot of corporations — have put their money down already for next season.
    If there is a next season.
    Legally, the teams have to return the money to ticket holders — with interest — if they hold the money all summer and there are no games this fall.
    Knicks fans might be especially interested — season ticket prices in the lower bowl went up 49 percent due to the renovations of Madison Square Garden and because the team is finally worth seeing. The New York Knicks sent out a letter to their season ticket base explaining the situation and what was next, [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] (via [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]).
    The Post has obtained a letter sent to Knicks season-ticket holders on July 1 which specifies any cancelled games will be refunded with interest on a monthly basis.
    According to a person with knowledge of the situation, the lockout interest rate is 1 percent, with calculations beginning Oct. 1. Each letter sent out was personalized.
    The letter read, in part, “If any 2011-12 preseason or regular season games are cancelled due to a work stoppage, all Season Subscribers will have the option of receiving a refund with interest on a monthly basis, or have money left on account with interest. More specific details about refunds or credits will be shared at the appropriate time.”
    In an ideal world, the Knicks will christen the new Madison Square Garden on Nov. 2 against the Miami Heat. But in reality, November may be more about checks with interest from the team for Knicks season ticket holders.
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    Good move, not for certain these days. Props to the franchise for not letting people down!

    Does anyone know if the same applies to NBA League Pass??

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    I doubt if anyone will go the check route, it's better to get a credit on your account (that's what I'm gonna do.)

    But I still don't think we're gonna miss any games. People keep saying that, but then give no realistic reasoning for it other than "both sides are extremely far apart.", no ****. Today is the first official meeting by either side about the situation, everything else has been posturing and public negotiation tactics. The NFL went to hell and back before they had any real productive sit downs...I mean....they had anti-trust lawsuits for god sakes, and they're still gonna have a full preseason and season.

    There will be basketball in November, it's gonna take place after another 3 and 1/2 months of the "experts" fear mongering because they're being shut out of the process and have no real info to report.

    If there's no basketball in November, then there will be either contraction by bankruptcy or the NBA will be controlling the Hornets and another 3 or 4 teams.
    Guess if I was simple in the mind...everything would be fine.

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    Originally Posted by Sprewell-Houston
    Good move, not for certain these days. Props to the franchise for not letting people down!

    Does anyone know if the same applies to NBA League Pass??
    I have the Sunday ticket, and they stated we won't be charged until its definite their will be games, and that was last month from DirecTV.

    I have league pass as well, so I'm sure they will do the same for it.

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    i'm not very hopeful about them reaching an agreement any time soon based off of what ive heard/read. Good job by the organization here

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