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    Nyk Logo Jerome Jordan signs with Krka club in Slovenia

    Ailing Amar’e Stoudemire can tease about playing in Europe. Knicks rookie Jerome Jordan is simply going to do it without the posturing.
    The center agreed in principle Tuesday to play in Slovenia for the Krka club with an “out clause,’’ his agent Todd Ramasar told The Post.
    Ramasar said final terms should be worked out Wednesday.
    The out clause will allow 7-foot Jordan the option to leave Slovenia when the NBA lockout ends to join the Knicks, who are desperate for size and have the Tulsa product penciled in on the roster.
    The Knicks acquired Jordan’s rights for $1 million after the Bucks took him with the 45th pick of the 2009 NBA Draft. Jordan played in Serbia last season.
    “This will give him an opportunity to train, give him an opportunity to play and be in game shape when the lockout is over,’’ Ramasar told The Post. “He wants to prepare himself as much as possible. He doesn’t want to sit on the bench his rookie year.’’
    Jordan, who is recovering from appendix surgery that forced him to miss the final stages of his Serbian season, will report to Slovenia on Aug. 15 and will miss the Knicks informal workouts in California.
    Ramasar said Jordan chose Slovenia over teams in Italy and Israel because of the out’ clause.
    “That out clause – not just for Jordan – is very difficult to get,’’ Ramasar said.
    Stoudemire reportedly said Monday from Los Angeles "the chances would be high'' of accepting a European offer if his back is 100 percent. Stoudemire, who pulled a muscle in his back during the first-round sweep by Boston, revealed he is on the couch for the next three weeks, no longer working out, so he can get his back 100 percent.
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    Good. Get him some playing time while the lockout is resolved.

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    Yup, all for this. Let the kid get experience on someone else time while the NBA is locked out.

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    I hope the rest fixes up STAT's back issues. Back's are fickle things and it needs to be healed up 100% in order for him to be totally effective.

    I'm glad the kid has decided to play and got an out clause in the contract. It will help keep him ready for when the season starts.

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