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    Default A season long lockout would actually be great for the knicks

    I'm an nba fan so I don't want this to happen but best case scenario for the knicks is:

    Lockout kills 2010-11 season

    Chris Paul and Melo play together in China, get chemistry

    Amare rests and we don't risk losing him for another non championship calliber season

    CP3 Melo and Amare form new big 3 in 2012 and take down the heat. Just sayin.

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    Nice far fetched scenarios.

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    I'd rather watch us in 11-12, even without the chance to win a championship than not having a season at all!

    Plus we could also get CP3 in February, happened before (Melo)

    and we got the contracts to do it (Billups, Fields, Walker, Douglas, Shumpert, picks)

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