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And, as we said in today's Fix, no matter whom D'Antoni hires, NO ONE will cast larger shadow over him than Phil Jackson for the next year.
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Full disclosure: it will take some effort on Ewing's part, too, to mend the fence. He's not nearly as amenable as, say, Mark Messier.
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Oh and let's add that Ewing would have a 7-foot pupil from Jamaica named Jerome Jordan to tutor.
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Consider the candidates left at this point. Explain to me how Ewing, a defensive talent in his prime, doesn't have the resume?
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It's getting tiresome to hear Patrick Ewing talk about wanting to come back here to coach, etc. D'Antoni should hire him as D assistant. #fb


One of the best defensive centres in an era of elite bigs, captain of the Bad Boys from NY, all time leader in blocks in a finals series.

Is it a resume that takes precedence over someone tried and true that's made a career out of defence?