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Honestly, as much as I am a Knicks fan, by now my only wish is for all your suggestions to be put into reality, just so that we can agree that this would all end badly.

When the lockout is over the Knicks have to pickup a veteran center
from the FA market, plus sign last year draft pick C-Jerome Jordan to
be developed alongside of C-Harrellson.
We no-longer have assistant coach Mark Aquire to teach the basic
low-post moves to our bigmen to score inside with their back against
the basket.
Signing Patrick Ewing Sr. for the job would be the perfect coach to teach
our young bigmen how to take advantage of so many Knicks oponents
weakness at the center spot.
Ewing had a great teacher in Georgetown Hoya Headcoach John Thompson.
Woodson would make the perfect strategic-coach for Amare/Melo/Billups.

Having Ewing & Woodson on the coaching-staff there would be no room
for Mike Dantoni small-ball, small-rotation, and 30 plus 3-ball shooting
attempts per game.
It seems owner James Dolan has made Herb Williams his right hand man
on the Knicks coaching staff (since 2002)....Lenny Wilkens/ Larry Brown/
Isiah /and Dantoni all wanted to hand pick their own coaching-staff when
they took over the Knicks headcoaching job, but all had to accept Herb
Williams as their assistant headcoach in charge.

Do anyone recall when Willis Reed was the headcoach of the Knicks?
and how Reed put together an all bussiness lineup by midseason in
Sugar-Ray, Ray Williams, Tobey Knight, and Shelton.....that lineup
only needed a center which the Knicks drafted the next season in
Bill Cartwright.
Dum Chekkett went and traded PF-Lonnie Shelton for a clumsy soft center
Marvin Webster to have twin towers in New York.