Former NBA player Stephon Marbury, who is currently with the Foshan Dralions of the Chinese Basketball Association, might not play in the league anymore, but he definitely still has a few things to say.
“The NBA lockout starts Nov. 15 when the checks stop,” Marbury tweeted. “When that happens you will see disaster at its worst. I’m praying for some guys now.”

The point guard was answering some questions from his followers Friday, when the discussing turned toward the impending NBA lockout.
“Man they’ve been making money off of ninjas forever. When we flip the script for it to be (fair) its a problem,” Marbury posted.
The Brooklyn native also didn’t mince words about NBA commissioner David Stern.
“I’m grown and a little short white man isn’t telling me what I can put on my body,” Marbury tweeted. “(Stern) needs to step down. He’s messing basketball up. His time has passed. He did agreat job in the 80′s.”
“As a former NBA player I see the BS David Stern drops and I like picking It up so he can contest to what he’s saying.”
Marbury is currently in China, where he signed a three-year deal with the Shanxi Zhongyu Brave Dragons in 2010, but then left for the Foshan Dralions.
When asked if there were any NBA players over in China with him, Marbury said: “Yes. Can’t say right now because I can’t.”
About NBA players, Marbury added: “A lot who have no direction and scared of the people that run the NBA because they want to be stars. The NBA will hold that over their heads until they can’t do anything with them anymore. I’m off the NBA until they make changes. I guess I’m crazy for speaking the truth. “
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