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So I agree with the fact about The NBA (and its owners) had been making money off players for years and it is a bit ironic that these Billiionares are so bent out of shape about it now, but at the end of the day the NBA owners are buisness men and if buisness is not profitable then adjustments must be made....kinda a catch 22. I'm certain The guys who do all the day to day stuff for The Starbaury shoe line are not making as much off the shoes as he is.

But.....I have to totally disagree with what he says about Stern's time passing!

Look Basketball is my favorite Sport but it is not the best product out! The NFL because of their short season makes for better TV because there are few throw away games and each game is important, the build up of each game makes the game more marketable than most sports....that lone exception is The NBA!

Name a more popular All Star Game or Draft.....The top pick of The NBA Draft is going to be the cover story of every Sports page in America and The NBA All Star game gets the type of celebrity support the rivals mega Boxing matches!

David Stern convincing FIBA to let NBA players play in World Championships and The Olympics took our game to new heights from an International standpoint!

In terms of International popularity Basketball is second only to Soccer in terms of team sports w/ Hockey being way 3rd! Does Stern deserve all the praise for that, no....some priase, yes! In truth 12 years ago if Steph went to play in China it wouldve been comical but Stern has bridged the gap between the NBA and International teams!

About the dress code......you know the classy comment about "a little short white man telling me what to put on my body", simply put, the first word in professional athlete is Professional! When you show up for work, you gotta dress for it! I wear my Hoodie and sneaks at home and when I go out to the bar, for meetings at work, I gotta do the suit thing!
4. NFL Probowl

1. NFL Draft
2. MLB Draft
3. MLB Draft
4. NHL Draft