ESPN had proposed this trade and to me it sure makes a lot of sense for both franchises!

so why would both teams do such a move?

For Orlando it comes down to to stability! You trade a mega star who could possibly walk for one who you have for the next 5 seasons!

I mean Lebron is signed to a long term deal, so Orlando knows they have a franchise player for years to come. They no doubt make the playoffs and will be a top team in The East. Now are they a championship team, no...but they are not one now either!

What's the risk? well Lebron will not be happy about this deal and he will be bitter for a bit....yet he could be driven, this could give himself a chance to prove he can lead a team by himself! But make no mistake about it, Lebron would be pissed. But could that drive him? Plus there is not much hope that they can make this team much better anytime soon thanks to that December deal w/ Phoenix and Washington, basically Hedo and Gilbert are on the books for 3 more years and no one is gonna trade for either one.

But with Van Gundy coaching, Nelson, Gilbert (albiet a shell of his old self), Hedo, JJ Reddick and Brandon Bass making a nice core of players to surrond Lebron with to be a relevant team in the league, again if they only had Gortat still they would have a legit shot at winning The East.

I would pull the trigger on this deal in a hearbeat!

For Miami they trade away one of the single best players in the league and actually improve!

Chalmers or Bibby
Mike Miller

That is a perfectly rounded starting 5 and they actually are more scary than their current lineup. Mike Miller, Chalmers and Bosh's ability to spread the floor opens so much opportunity for D Wade and Dwight.

Now the quasi risk is that Dwight could walk at the end of the season but Dwight claims he is about winning and no way he doesnt win a title with this lets say he walks, that clears space for Mia. to go after Chris Paul or Deron Williams! Which either move (Paul or Williams) keeps Miami a title contender this is a low risk high reward move for Mia.

But I Highly doubt Dwight would walk, think about it if they came to Dwight while they were steam rolling the league and offered him max money for max years (whatever that will be in the new CBA) he would not say no! He would be winning, getting his money and would still be regarded as the best Center in the League.

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