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    Default Mike Woodson to be named defensive assistant

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    by Tommy Dee on August 24th, 2011 at 2:21 pm

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    The Daily News first reported in May that D’Antoni, who has resisted bringing in an outsider to his coaching staff, would be forced to hire a defensive coach because of the Knicks’ failures at that end during his first three seasons in New York.
    In the past few days, Woodson had told two confidantes that he expects to join the Knicks. The move might become official next week, according to sources, when Garden and team executives return from vacation. Woodson had what he called a good meeting with D’Antoni earlier this month, but he had people above D’Antoni in his corner from the start.

    I guess this is a good move. Mike D has to make sure that there would not be a butting of heads between the two coaches.

    Woodson's one year as a defensive assistant is a nice internship to being head coach of the Knicks. We know Mike D won't last long if the Knicks don't win a playoff game this upcoming season. Mike D has to get this team to play at a high level all season and pass atleast first round of the playoffs to even be considered to come back for a fifth year.

    But let's not jump in the future so fast. Woodson will bring veteran leadership and there is nothing wrong with having two head coaches. Woodson has to get the Knicks team to communicate, learn when to switch and stay on your man, and when to close lanes to prevent easy layups that we give up with ease. Having Turiaf, Jordan, and Jorts will help Woodson with the beginning of a defensive scheme that makes it hard for opponents to shoot in the paint and be contested somewhat from the outside so guys like Ray Allen don't go 5 for 7 from beyond the arc every game.

    The only problem with Woodson trying to implement a good defense is Mike D's offensive scheme. When a basketball team is a fast court team, they always need players to know the role of rebounder and the receiver for the outlet pass. MANY times we would have our entire team running for the outlet pass but no one to rebound the basketball. This is a red flag. The Center plus anyone near him should crash the glass. I don't want to see Amare, as athletic as he is, avoid a rebound to run up the floor. We SHOULD be a good rebounding team if our centers can learn the basics of boxing out their man and crashing the boards to secure a rebound.
    Billups, Douglas, Shumpert, Fields, Melo, and Amare can rebound the basketball with ease.
    In matter of fact Douglas had many games were he would lead the half in rebounds for the whole team.
    Fields averaged 7 rebounds a game last year...
    Melo has always been a great rebounder due to his persistence.

    So we have multiple players that can rebound. And Woodson, even though is the defensive assistant, has to be on the same page with Mike D and his offensive schemes because if the two are not compatible, the rebounding numbers drop.

    Mike Woodson has it easier than Mike D did last year. Woodson will have more big men and players will know their roles better.

    I hope this move improves our team defense....but I am not too optimistic.
    "The Knicks are back" - Amare

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    Woodson would be a far more effective defensive coach then...uh...D'Antoni's bro....

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    Dantoni is Avon Barksdale and Woodson is young Marlo Stanfield coming in to put his stamp on things. We all know who wins this battle. (If you know The Wire)
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