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    Default Nice Shawne Williams video

    Nod to Tommy Dee for digging this up -- interview conducted by Hoopsworld:

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    Very impressive. Sounds very mature and hits all the right notes.. I'm glad for him man -- at one point, this guy was a lost soul but he quickly turned himself around and rediscovered himself before it got to be too late..He gets a lot of credit for that in my book..Very easy for guys to go south and really get themselves in trouble..Just look at Javaris Crittenton. Not saying Williams is the type of guy who could ever murder someone but you never know how bad things could get if you wind up taking the wrong path..Kudos to this man for turning his life around and taking the right path.

    Looks like he's staying ready and just flat out loves being a Knick. You can't discount that. I agree with Tommy and all of his followers that gave their opinions -- he definitely needs to be brought back. The only thing that concerns me a little bit is that we might have to bring him back for more money than we expected due to the lockout and a lot of comperable players bolting to go play overseas. No matter --at this point, ya gotta do it. Pretty much a no-brainer..This guy turned himself into a knock-down shooter with nice size and length for a wing, has good heart, he's a phenomenal teammate and a solid, willing defender with a slew of intangibles. Even talked about putting it on the floor and getting to the rack more this year. Knows the system and excelled in this system under D'Antoni -- another plus. Loved the interview -- this is definitely a guy you "want in a foxhole with you" as Michael Kay would say.
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    Clearly a good dude that's come a long way from a bad past. It all almost sounded rehearsed.

    Love to see him back in O&B.

    Thanks for the vid.
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