Well the Eurobasket tournament has ended. I watched all of the games played by Russia, France, Spain and Lithuania and about 90% of all the other games.

I cannot believe how good Timofey Mozgov was. He was immense for Russia and looks like a completley different player than the one he was when playing for the Knicks. He was the defensive force in Russia`s defence, which incidentally was the best D team in the whole tournament. Blocking shots, clogging up the paint, rebounding, he was doing everything. On the offensive end he was also a giant. His scoring from the pick and roll was a joy to watch and that has improved so much since being seen in a Knicks jersey.

The same problem of foul trouble was still evident but as the tournament wore on he improved that. He looked exactly like the kind of big that we are so desperately screaming out for. How ironic that we had him and now he`s back wasting his immerging talent in Russia.

He deserved better from our no D-Toni clown.