An unbelievable day for baseball. Boston Red Sox were predicted to win the division, Rays were predicted to go nowhere. First was the beginning of Boston's destruction were at the hands of our own New York Yankees finally beating Boston in a series (May have put the drive of hope for the Rays). Then the Yankees take the lead of the division never looking back clinching it.

It comes to the last game for the Rays an Red Sox, both tied for the wildcard. The Yankees looked to have possibly ended the Rays season with a 7-0 lead and Boston having the lead 3-2. Then it rains holding the outcome of Boston's destination. The Rays remarkably come back during the rain delay in the 8th inning cutting the lead 7-6 (wonder what the Red Sox were thinking?).

The rain delay ends and it looks as if the outcome of continuing the season was going to be decided simultaneously. Red Sox had a chance to extend the lead but gets thrown out at home by Adam Jones by bad base running by Scutaro with 1 out. Around this time the Rays tie the game 7-7 with a homer by a pinch hitter Dan Johnson, a man who had only one homerun before this one.

Extra innings for the Rays, right around the 11th inning I was thinking these two games could end at the same time. I have this in picture-in-picture change it constantly. It looks like Boston was going to end strong with the intimidating Papelbon closing. He gets 2outs, and it looks like the Rays would have to play the Red Sox tomorrow if they were both win. First a double to keep the Orioles alive and Boston sweating.

I was shocked what was happening, and even I a huge Yankees fan kind of wanted the Rays to make it to the playoffs. Proctor pitching his best outing lately holding them down. Even Golson's out at third earlier amazed me. At Boston Robert Adino (A considered Boston killer is up), hits the game winning single possibly giving the Rays a chance to deny the Red Sox to extend their season.

Evan Longoria already homered during the 8th inning rally is up, to possibly end it. The timing of these two games really had fans at the edge of their seats. Before Longoria's at bat everyone knew the game was tied between Boston an Orioles, and during the at bat the fans cheered giving him notice Boston blew it. One outs, 2 balls, 2 strikes, Longoria hits a homerun clinching the wildcard and kicking the Red Sox to the curb.

No one could of predicted this in the beginning of the season, beginning of September, and the last games of the season. WOW!!!!

NL later today.

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