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    Default boo hoo no seats

    the reason tickets are sold out is because all the best seats are purchased seasonally by corporate institutions in blocks. and they take the tickets off as entertainment expenses on their taxes. these tickets trickle down to their employees and guests of their employees, and sometimes friends. just wait until the newly installed MSG luxury seats, now lower to the floor, are sold out to the 1% of the wealthy, and even less seats are available to the 99% tax-paying, consumers. this is all going according to plan, man. Dolan save megadollars not paying the players, then charges 100% more for tickets to pay for the renovation. no sheeeeit.

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    Default BRI and Luxury Boxes

    It gets worse. I believe that under the now expired CBA, income from luxury boxes was not included in BRI.

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    Originally Posted by Oldtimer
    It gets worse. I believe that under the now expired CBA, income from luxury boxes was not included in BRI.
    That does not surprise me, I'm wondering how much money is taking out of
    players check for the "team-insurance" on gauranteed contracts.

    I notice after the big-money-making 2010-11 season, Stern and the owners
    did no promotion for the upcoming 2011-12 season throughout the offseason....
    other than start a war at degrading players for their high salaries.
    I guess this is a great bussiness promotion to increase the "Gross" profit for
    the following season.....Owners take 7% of the players income to give to Stern
    for the $2. to $4. increase in the CBA new super luxury tax.

    The wealthy get wealthier and the millionair project-kid stays in his place.
    Damn! the NBA is FANTASTIC

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