As a fan the notion of going without Basketball til next year is a living Nightmare, especially when our team has become relevant again!

Iman Shumpert has become my favoirte player on the team and he has not played a minute for us yet....and with an impending lockout I would not see him in a Knicks uniform til next season.

But there would be some benefits

1.Less mileage on Stat!

Let's be real here we got ourselves a refurbished Stat played better than most of us expected, yet the reason we got him was because The Suns worried about committing to him long term due to his injuries, more specifically his knee. A season off would be a huge bonus for Stat. The same could be said for Melo's mysterious knee injury and elbow.

2.No repeat of the Melo and Lebron circus from the past 2 years!

CP3 and Dwight will become free agents next year and we don't have to hear on going reports and false rumors about where they are and are not going to play in 2012-2013. Frankly the past couple of seasons have been about who is coming to our team rather than who we have!

3. We don't have to watch another season of Dantoni ball

Mike D is almost certainley fired and with a potential to upgrade an already talented squad finding a more thorough coach is going to be pretty easy.

4.The Heat will not win a Title Next year!!!

The talent gap between us and then is bridged in the 2012-2013 season thus making a bid for a championship that year a challenge, thus potentially ruining Lebron's claim of an immenent dynasty!!!

5.Landry Feilds' contract extension or lack there of

Landry had a decent season for us last year but his his performance in the latter half of the season and playoffs is going to haunt him until he steps on the court again...problem is that if there is a lockout then that will not be until after his current contract is up, and with The Knicks looking to land a big name in 2012 they would have had to let Feilds go because he wouldve demanded at least 5 million, if there is no season he gets about 2 million.

Now none of the reasons comfort me on the notion of a lost season....yet they are a very thin silver lining