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Thread: Whats up guys?

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    Default Whats up guys?

    Just checking to see hows everyone doing. I got my first boxing match in November, been doing some modeling for a calender...working crazy hard! Wish I had time to post up here...miss the forum drama. How you guys been rocking? Let me know. Peace out - Flexo.

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    Not much has been going on here. Other regulars haven't been posting much.

    That's great on your first boxing match.

    I've been exercising and working out almost every day since August.

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    Damn just came to check in.

    I'm one of the regulars who isn't posting I guess :/

    Just passed the NY Bar Exam, working right now - and got a few more side projects in the works.
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    What's up everyone, it's been a real long time since I posted here...damn.

    I've been pretty busy lately, applying to colleges is a bitch, especially since there's a 99% chance I won't be going to the colleges of my choice (NYU, Stony Brook, St. Johns) and I have to stay here in Vegas for a bit longer. I haven't been exercising either, so I've really gotten unhealthy for the past few months.

    Bleh. Hope all of you guys are doing well! I hope we all get back on and start posting more often once (if) a season starts.

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    I miss when this place was my go-to site for Knicks news. I started posting when i was 13 or so? I'm in college now lol. I wish I had the time to be on here as much as I used to. Glad to see some familiar names still holding it down.
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    working right now - and got a few more side projects in the works.

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    Whattup Metro?

    Lately I've just been working and working out alot. Gettin weeded up at night time and coming on here to see whats poppin. Hows your kid doing bro? Do u have any boxing matches on youtube?

    I watch a sh*t load of boxing matches. I've watched the complete careers of James Toney, Hopkins, Mayweather, Sweat P Whitaker, and Roy Jones. Lately theres not too many fighters i like, Im starting to follow Julio Cesar Chavez Jr more. Im lookin forward to his fight against Martinez coming up and Andre ward vs Chad Dawson. Who are your favorite fighters right now?

    GoKnicksDLee...we need u here more my dude. Ahhh its cool u gotta do what u gotta do, best of luck with school fam

    StreetDreams...I can relate to u, i know what its like to be in and outta shape. Its tougher when u fall outta shape after being in shape but hopefully your situation pans out and u get more time for yourself. No homo peace

    KBlack...Team Starbury *ehhh hhheehhh* (jadakiss laugh) whats good dude?
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