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    Nba Logo Where do u stand on the NBA Lockout issues

    Im curious to know where a lot of us Fans (members) of KO stand on this
    NBA lockout issue.....your two cents is needed.

    The issues:

    - BRI percentages for players & owners

    - Hard or soft cap?

    Definition of BRI: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Hard vs Soft Caps: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    As a Bussinessman who started from the botton (minimum-wage) to work
    my way to the stance is in favor with the players-union proposal
    of accepting 52% of the BRI for next 3 or 4 seasons with a raise to 54% the
    following 3 or 4 seasons so the players would average 53% of the BRI in 6 or
    8 seasons. There was a strong reason why the players received 57% of the
    BRI in the 1999 lockout that has yet to be mention during this 2011 lockout.

    After the "Lebron James Decision" a soft-cap is neccessary however, a flex-
    cap could be instituted just not the one the owners first laid on the table.

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    Both sides are just being greedy in my opinion.

    The players need to just take the 50-50, and the owners need to work out their revenue sharing program.

    Done deal.

    Afterwards the league needs to reconsider where they have these smaller markets.

    Relocation or contraction.

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    The players are gonna have to take the 50-50 split cause the offer probably isn't gonna get much better than that, but there's no doubt they deserve more.

    They are the commodity, they are the league.

    The owners wanna wrestle back more money simply because they shelled out so much cash for payroll that they're having a hard time turning a profit. Who's fault is it that Gilbert is making $19 million, Elton Brand $17 million, or Barron Davis $13?

    The owners made their bed in '99, extended it in 2005, spent uncontrollably simply because they could, now they want the players to save them. So the players are supposed to give money back?

    I'd like to see anyone who calls the players greedy, willingly just give money back to your employer by way of extra hours for no overtime, no benefits, and even roll your salary back a bit over time. It's not exactly what's proposed to the players, but let's see how the everyday working man likes the idea of their employers taking an extra chunk of the revenue pie just because they want to.

    Plus the players already proposed a reduction in their share of the BRI from it's current 57% down to 52% which increases to 54% later in the life of the CBA....that's an immediate 5% increase for the owners, that reduces to 3%....more than reasonable when the players are the commodity. But the owners ain't havin' none of it. 50-50 or gtfo.

    I just wish the players would take the proposal already because everyone knows that the owners can hold out longer than the players...and the offer in all likelihood isn't getting better.

    My season tix are paid for god dammit, I want basketball. Right. Now.
    Guess if I was simple in the mind...everything would be fine.

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    I'm all for the players. This is their lively hood and without the players the league wouldn't exist. Stearn is just a bully throwing around threats as if he is the NBA, that sought of arrogance isn't really sitting well with the players or fans. The players have been told atleast 2 years ago to prepare for this moment because they expect the owners and stearn to use these wack tactics (canceling games) to scare much of the player base into submitting so they can be paid...but paid what the league wants them to be paid.

    I commend them (the players) for standing strong in what they believe is fair. The owners make more then their share and should be happy they are making money off the backs of people that will need that big check for constant expensive healthcare, and the big house and perks that come along with giving up their freedom. None of these guys can actually afford to live in average neighborhoods, where the people are constantly hounding you for autographs and pictures...when all you want to do is go to the store and buy a simple loft of bread and milk.

    In the end... this is just a game and the fans can find something else to do in the mean time and let these guys handle thier biz so they can get back to entertaining the fans. How can they bring their best (what we pay for) when they are not happy or treated fair finacially? You just can't compare their wages to the average populace. Anyone can make big bank if they put in the hard work and master their crafts. Thats what these guys did and they deserve the money we fans have no problem giving them...I don't care what the owners get.

    To be honest, I rather community ownership of teams, this way the players will get paid and there isn't a greedy owner holding up the games because he feels he deserves more of the revenue to something he barely had a hand in. Owning something doesn't always mean you deserve to monoplize on it. You should be happy that you get some profit and that your product is self sustaining. Greed always corrupts...

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    i dont pretend to know the nuts and bolts of it but from over here the NBA is being painted pretty badly. I believe however that there should be a hard cap on teams or we need something to make the league more competitive. We dont want the same teams always ending up deep in the playoffs.

    is there any chance of games being played this season? i was planning to come over to the states and i wanted to come to MSG but i will delay my trip if there wont be

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    Like other have said, I"m with the players. I feel like they have been the only party trying to compromise. I think it has been quite evident that the owners are not as much concerned with having a seasons as they are squeezing every single cent from the players that they can.

    The players need to take 50/50 as it is only going to get worse for them as the season goes on. They really are at the mercy of the owners. I truly believe this lockout could have ended last week, but the owners decided to lose more games...

    Lose some money now to gain more over the next 7-10 years.

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