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    Originally Posted by Dzwonsson
    Netherlands, among all those towns some NY boroughs and neighborhoods are named after.

    Sounds to chilly for u think the players will agree to the
    owners proposal this weekend to end the lockout? we are talking the
    next 10 years of the owners proposal.

    There are certain owners that Im sure does not want any part of this
    "ludacris" new super luxury tax in the proposal......Cuban, Buss, Allan,
    Heisley, Arison, Reinsdorf, Dolan. Especially the part of being over the
    cap 3 times in 5 seasons.

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    I think the players don't have much choice now, the league made a very good and well-thought move making little concessions on some system issues and announcing there is still a chance for almost a full regular season. It's like being 2 points down with just 0.4 second left, you can fire for the win from downtown and possibly lose the game or throw it somewhere near the basket, let someone tip it in and go into overtime... That's the choice the players have, they can reject the revised offer, petition for decertification, lose an entire season and maybe get a better deal or they can accept the offer, start making money and start fighting for a more comfortable CBA after 6-7 years... But still nothing is going to happen this weekend, the union will call a reps meeting Monday or Tuesday.

    edit: remember that game? I was absolutely hopeless but went bananas before realized Amare didn't hit that three in time...

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    Exclamation Decertification

    As soon as u mention Amare shooting a 3-ball my memory focus back to that game quicker than pushing the u-tube button. I recall myself complaining about the Knicks formation play to bring the ball in vs a good defensive team with less than a second remaining....Amare direction was suppose to be headed toward the paint for an Alley-oop while screening/picking off our guard defender. Poor coaching....Amare is not Dirk or Gallo to take a catch/shoot shot.

    All the owners/and Stern that has been crying about losing money need
    to know....The New York Times recently reported that a record 160 players
    were on minimum contracts last season, with 107 players on rookie contracts
    and 63 on midlevel exception deals. That left between 90 and 100 players on
    actually negotiated contracts not bound by a salary slot.

    Why is everyone leaving out the "AGENTS" opinion of the owners proposals?
    Players always look towards their agents for advice on practically everything
    involving the NBA.

    In addition to the seven major agencies that have been clamoring for decertification for months, several other previously moderate agencies have joined the movement, sources told [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    Agents became suprise at the owners unfairness in these negotiations why?

    union officials and agents were disappointed that the league did not address the so-called tax cliff, by which teams are double-penalized for barely wading above the tax line, and they disagree with the league's position that mid-level restrictions would be in place if the signing pushed the team's payroll above the tax. The players want teams to be able to use the exception as long as they are under the tax line before the signing occurs. [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    This new "super luxury tax" will hurt the players/agents/big-market team fans
    who expect a MLE FA and draft pick each season to be added to the roster.
    The league has media focusing fans full attention on the BRI % split when the
    players and agents are more focus on being double-penalized by a system
    with a super luxury tax.

    The 30 team player representatives will come to New York on Monday to determine if they’ll recommend the deal to the rank-and-file or reject it. The union leadership left the negotiations late Thursday night objecting to several “system issues,” including one that would prohibit teams that exceed the luxury tax from using a full mid-level exception to sign a free agent. They would have only a part of the exception. [Only registered and activated users can see links. ].
    This would lead to many FA that belong in the NBA going overseas for a job.
    While D.League players with half their talent replace them in the NBA.
    What does this do to the growth of competitiveness in the NBA in 5 years?

    "People are questioning the agents' agenda," said Duffy, whose firm represents the Cavs' Baron Davis and Ryan Hollins. [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] Every other professional coach has an agent. General managers have agents. Everyone has someone to serve their business interests. In most of those cases, most of those professionals are trained negotiators and/or lawyers. In this case, these are athletes who, in some cases, haven't even completed their education because of the gift they have. The fact that they're young and inexperienced. . . . They need a savvy negotiator to protect their interests."
    "The agents represent a threat to the control of the owner and the team," said Termini, who has represented many of the top players from Ohio, including Jim Jackson, Brad Sellers, Earl Boykins and Kosta Koufos. [Only registered and activated users can see links. ].
    "The agent gets involved in all of those decisions on behalf of the player and it's burdensome to the team. They don't like it. They'd like to eliminate that. [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] When Duffy was asked if he and the other members of the Super Seven agreed with that assessment, he said emphatically, "Without question."
    Is the owner and league new proposal really for a system that takes leverage away from players agents? or is the agents dissatisfied with the deal the union has negotiated and the intransigence of league negotiators already have more than 200 signatures on decertification petitions which are ready to be submitted to the National Labor Relations Board requesting a vote to dissolve the union, and the 2011-12 season?

    While the NBA declined to comment for this story, it would appear that the statistics bear out the opinions of these agents. The New York Times recently reported that a record 160 players were on minimum contracts last season, with 107 players on rookie contracts and 63 on midlevel exception deals. That left between 90 and 100 players on actually negotiated contracts not bound by a salary slot. "The league wants to have, as much as possible, a menu of salaries where the agent's ability to negotiate is minimal,"
    u can not leave out the "opinion/tactics" of the players agent in this CBA negotiation...

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