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    Default Owners Divided

    Came across this interesting article regarding the Owner's and their collective split. Of most interest to me, however, was the following:

    Without the union to bicker with, the owners have spent recent days trying to come to a revenue-sharing solution. According to two sources, divides within the group are becoming more clearly defined — though not entirely between large and small markets.

    There are owners in major cities who do not have a problem at all sharing revenues, knowing that those in larger metropolitan areas can do far better with local television and radio rights.

    But some of those same people are bothered by teams that don’t spend much and then fail to reinvest what they receive from the luxury tax payout.

    “If they’re not trying to grow the game, then they’re just taking the money,” said one source close to the situation.

    Player agents have expressed hope that the owners of the teams that make money — and are losing during the lockout — will step up and force the league to make a deal with the players. But there appears to be a preponderance of those who want to use this opportunity to make a comprehensive change to the system.
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    I hate to be the dude that says "I told you so"....but....

    I told you so.
    Guess if I was simple in the mind...everything would be fine.

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    Smile Great Article!!!

    This article put alot of things into its perspective of why this lockout lasted
    into the 2011-12 season.....the owners are still undecided on what new
    system thats best for all owners. Its more than just small-market owners
    vs big-market owners....we have owners looking toward the new system
    (Hardcap) to give them reason for not investing in making the league future
    more competitive.

    The best part of the above article was owner Mark Cuban proposed
    elimination of the salary-cap. LOL....

    In the meantime, the head of the players’ union, Billy Hunter, has said Dallas
    owner Mark Cuban proposed eliminating the salary cap — a statement the
    league quickly refuted, saying it was the players who advanced that idea
    after Cuban floated the notion of a new cap exception.
    Mark Cuban could careless about owners crying about losing money
    throughout the past decade of economic recession in America when
    his Mavs are in the state of Texas where there are 3 different NBA teams.
    Mark Cuban has a point when u look at it from the "coporate" side of
    bussiness as asset worth.

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