Ok guys, first off sorry for the inactivity i've always been a vocal poster on the forum but given the labor dispute and life i sort of turned away from the site a little. but im making the effort to continue my status as an avid poster on the site and hoping to reconnect with some of my fellow knick fans on here both old and new( new dudes- welcome and hope you fellas stick around ). Anyways, you all as well as I are huge knick fans, but before that were all basketball fans. Now the NBA-at the moment- isnt an option, so ill turn to the next best thing NCAA. I've always been a casual fan of College Hoops never really following it except for big games so ima try to make the effort and watch games and get my basketball fix.

So with that let the season begin and lets keep this thread for all College Ball related topics. from games to stats to debates what have you. Looking forward to debating college ball and in the process broaden my liking of it.