Bernie FIne

Fuc* YOU and *uck YOU again and again and again..Disgusting p.o.s..

This was supppose to be our year. We have a great team. Playing awesome basketball. The team have that swagger around them. We even look ****y at times - but in a good way. We're as deep as we have ever been and anybody can be the go to guy on any given night. I mean it looked great.

I have been an SU fan as long as I can remember and it was a long time ago since I was this excited about a season. Final Four is in New Orleans. Good things happen to SU in The Big Easy (Remember 2003).

This was our year..It really was.. Then ...."Bernie like little boys".."he likes children"...ARE YOU ****ING KIDDING ME? [/url]

It makes me wanna PUKE...