I like Amar'e about as much as I can like any pro athlete (well not as much as some of my favourites but you get the idea) but what if ... no it's too mad to contemplate, but what the hell let's do it anyway.

CP3 waits it out till 2012 and through the same collusion that the Heat used tells D12 to do the same.

In 2012 for whatever reason (injury or just because we can) we cut Amar'e with our amnesty. Don't tell me about how much we owe him because we don't owe him ****. I love Melo's game and he's my boy but we don't owe him either, they both were ruthless and got theirs and if they loved NY as much as they say they would have taken less to be a Knick.

So anyway if CP3 and D12 are willing to take less to play together while still leaving us the cash to build around them, what if we amnesty Amar'e and have enough to build around a core of


It's possible is all I'm saying and if D12 and CP3 would be open to it, we'd be mad not to do it.