Hi everybody! Just came from the box office downstairs with preseason tickets! I scored vs. San Antonio on Saturday 10/16 at 1 pm. Seats are still available - 200 section $78.50 each (this is what I bought - it's worth it), 300 section $60-something, 400 section $40-something. Other preseason games at MSG are vs. Dallas on Sunday 10/24 at 7pm and vs. Utah on Thursday 10/28 at 7:30. I didn't look into the availablity of tickets for those two games but they should be available as well because tickets went on sale today at 9 am, and the only other person on line was behind me and bought San Antonio tickets. She had a list of regular season games but couldn't get them cuz they aren't on sale yet. I let her look at my hand written list of preseason games. The box office guys had no idea about the tickets being on sale. I had the guard tell them and then they let me come up and they said they'd look. They saw the tickets were available and sold them to me. While my tickets were printing their boss called and said preseason tickets are on sale today. Guy says to me "we're always the last to know." Since they didn't have a list of the preseason games he asked if he could have mine. I let them keep it, I don't need it anymore.
If you can't get to the box office go to [Only registered and activated users can see links. ], scroll down on the right hand side to where it lists the Knicks vs. Nets preseason game and click on the link. Then put in Knicks in the search. Liberty and Knicks games come up - the 3 preseason games are all listed. You should also be able to find them by going to [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] and doing a search there. Ticket master #'s Long Island (631) 888-9000 / NYC (212)307-7171 /NBA 1-800-4NBA-TIX - full list of phone #'s is available on the ticketmaster web site.