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    Default Paul "Saga" hopefully over soon

    As the New Orleans Hornets push closer to making a decision on where to trade Chris Paul, the All-Star point guard has indicated the Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors could significantly raise their chances of keeping him beyond this season if they also sign center Tyson Chandler, league sources told Yahoo! Sports on Tuesday.

    Paul hasn’t promised he would re-sign with one of those teams following the 2011-12 season if they acquired Chandler, but league sources said Chandler could make a significant difference in ultimately swaying Paul to commit to a long-term deal.

    Three teams in pursuit of Paul believe the Hornets will push for final offers – and make a decision – by the start of training camp on Friday, front-office sources told Yahoo! Sports. The Clippers’ and Warriors’ packages are the most intriguing to New Orleans general manager Dell Demps, league sources said.
    The Clippers are the Warriors are also both said to be willing to pull the trigger regardless of whether Paul will sign an extension with them. Both teams have the room to sign Tyson Chandler which as the article suggests, Paul wants.

    Both teams would be VERY good with these two additions in fact I think either one of these teams completely destroys what we have.


    Monta Ellis
    Reggie Williams
    David Lee
    Tyson Chandler


    Eric Gordon
    Blake Griffin
    Tyson Chandler

    I think the Warriors may well end up with CP3 right now. Stephen Curry is an awesome young guard that NO would be happy to get back for CP3 plus he has a nice low contract for 2 more years. They are also looking for the rookie Klay Thompson to be included. They would get some great young players with huge upside and plenty of scoring.

    The Warriors would be an absolute beast of a team with CP3, Ellis, and Lee all capable of putting up 20-30 points and Chandler who is exactly the type of center you want next to David Lee. Those two players would compliment each other greatly.

    There's really no reason Paul would not want to resign in Golden State with that kind of roster around him. They also have a fair amount of depth albeit some of it unproven, but they will almost certainly amnesty that ugly contract of Biedrins and free up yet more cap space to chase some good free agents.

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    How is it possible Paul, Ellis, Lee, and Chandler to be on the same team?

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    Originally Posted by RunningJumper
    How is it possible Paul, Ellis, Lee, and Chandler to be on the same team?
    The warriors would Amnesty Beidrins which along with the fact that their already 7 million under the cap would all them to sign Chandler to a max.


    That's a rebounding shooting team. In though in all honesty the warrior would probably move ellis for parts that would fit better with paul.....

    this is just a rumor of course

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