With his last acqusion Isiah Thomas has filled the knicks roster to 15 players, the max allowed by the leauge. Our guard positions are set. And is argueably the most potent and talented in the NBA, with Marbury, Crawford and a healthy Houston . The small forward position is solid and versitile with Thomas, Hardaway &, Ariza 8). Our bigest qustion mark is the power foward and center spots . As it stands this looks like our set of enforcers and big men going into the season, and they have a lot to prove. Kurt is solid and should have another good year. Williams is a high energy player and will give us a boost on the defensive end. Sweetney had a great summer leauge and is in better shape than last year. The big qustion is how far has his game devloped, and is it enough to start? Then there is Mohammed who we hope, has a great offensive season so he can earn that starting spot he was given last year. Next is Sundov ??? uh? ............ In Isiah We Trust ........... And finally theres Baker . He has to have a good year just to justify the money spent on him. I hope for big things from them all .......... What are your thoughs?

**We dont mention the black sheep of the family (Anderson & Norris = trade filler).