Yes for the first time in 5 years or so the focus has not been on next off season, but now, can't help but think about what we can do with a full MLE next off season.

At first glance people may want to finally reunite Nash and Dantoni (assuming he is does not get...well you know) but Nash will be like 38 or so and while I do not doubt he will stay play top notch ball, he is obviously not a long term solution

so I propose we bring back Felton,like Nash he is familar with Amare, but Nash has not played with Chandler Raymond has, also Raymond has thrived playing run and gun Dantoni ball and hard nosed Larry Brown type ball which is good if Mike is coach next year or when Dantoni is....well you know and a more defensive minded coach is brought back!

Plus if Shump does what I expect of him he will be starting over Feilds come the start of next year and he (Felton) and Shump in the backcourt would be serious defensively.


sure Mia will call, but like I said Raymond was teamates with two of our starters (as well as friends off the court with both of them) and all jokes aside if Dantoni is back next year you gotta believe Raymond would take a deal over Mia. simpily because of how well he did in Mike D's offense,especially if it is for the same exact dollar amount, this time he would get a 4 or 5 year deal and we could even throw in a no trade clause for 2 years so he knows he has a stable home.

re-sign Toney and Feilds and this is now looking like a real team here!!!