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Larry Brown or the great Jeff Van Gundy

Both parted on horrible terms with owner James Dolan, but money and wins has away of curring all!

Assuming Dantoni is let go, the obvious thinking is the Knicks go with a defensive minded coach, Mike Brown wouldve been a great coach but he is LA, people say John Calapari, but I just say look at the number of college coaches who have made the switch and failed compared to those who have done well in both, Phil wouldve needed Lebron on this team in the place of Melo to have the marbles to come coach in NY!

With that consider Larry Brown...if we bring back Felton (read my earlier thread) we have a Larry Brown PG, we also have a Larry Brown type Center and Shump, Feilds and Douglas all fit the mold of what Brown likes....so here is the snag, he clashed with both Stat and Melo in the 2004 Olympics and we all know the history with he and Jim Dolan....could by gones be by gones in one of these situations, maybe, but no way all 3 of them embrace the return of Larry Brown!

verdict:Less than 25% bout as likely as Rondo becoming a very reliable FT and 3pt shooter this year!

now my man JVG....you can see the Blue and Orange oozing from him as he covered Knick games as a broadcaster, the respect of players and fans is a given and he did not exactly totally reject the idea of returning when it was rumored we were going to interview him back in 08, he just made a comment about the Knicks must be desperate to be considering him and he thought of the Knick coaching pusuit to be "one horse race" (referring to what he thought was an sure signing of Mark Jackson) not the dismisall you hear from Phil Jackson when it is brought up.....now the catch....again Dolan!!! But unlike Brown he would have the support of Melo,Stat and Chandler, he would at least take a listen, not to mention this is a team JVG would love to coach, more like his late 90 Knick clubs than his Rocket teams.

Verdict: 40/60 bout as likely as Shump making the All Rookie first team this year
I dont want any of those two.


Mike Wilbon said he knows Phil Jackson will coach next season, it has to be the Knicks!