Sorry I used to not have a problem with this team (The Nets) until Ivan Drago came over here talking about his team taking over New York and converting Knick fans to Net fans...but since then I gotta say I just root heavily against them, so this bit of news makes me laugh, but should make a Net fan want to cry

Well it is clearly a 2 team race for Howard (and I gotta say them getting Deron Williams and making them a destination Dwight would want to end up at is pretty impressive) and it will come down to who can give Orlando the best deal just like us vs. them for Melo (more on that later)

It looks like The Nets are going to offer Brook Lopez (probably anyone else on that squad) and as many picks they can find to get this done (just like they did when they tried to trade for Melo), and The Lakers would offer Bynum,Gasol maybe a pick with both teams also set to take back Hedo's cancer contract.

So back to how Melo plays into all of this....remember last year when they were trying secure all these assests to land Melo? Well one of the moves they made was taking Sasha Vujiac (however you spell it) off LA to get another first rounder, in return they gave LA a 5 million dollar trade exception

I think you catch my drift, but I will spell it out for fun

HedoTurk and Dwight actually work straight up until you factor in that Turk has a trade kicker that balloons his salary, a complication for New Jersey that is not been reported on much....... but not a complication for the Lakers who just let the trade exception Jersey granted them absorb that hit.....ouch!!!!!!

so could the deal that they made to try to get The Knick bound Melo ends up costing them Howard too? Like I said I would be sweating bullets, and it would explain them holding secret meetings with Dwight and Deron Williams anger towards the blocked Chris Paul trade that takes Gasol out of the equation.

But fear not Net fans, maybe Orlando sees Brook Lopez and 2 mid to late first round picks more valuable....sorry had to joke and its not the fans I's your owner!!!