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    Video Bibby & Douglas Interview - Answering The Big Q - What's Up w The NYK's Backcourt?

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    They say all the right things - very cliché.

    But what are we to expect from them, considering that they are effectively our only 2 point guards: Douglas less so a prototypical PG than Bibby.

    Will we go from a low output rebounding team to a low output APG team? Suffer from offensive stagnancy and again rely on isolation?

    Would Barrea, if signed, be the answer to that question? Doubtful.

    Is Baron Davis the answer? Unlikely.

    D'Antoni says the offense will be centered around Carmelo, who is a capable passer - when he's not looking to score.

    The big question mark this year will be: "what can the Knicks accomplish from their backcourt? What will Shumpert bring? Can Douglas bolster his playmaking? Is Bibby done? And what about my man, Landry Fields? He's put on some size in the lockout, will (or certainly) should be coming out with a chip on his shoulder.
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    If Barea is signed that wouldn't be a complete solution no, but it would help alot.. We could just rotate him douglas Bibby, depending on the night, and who we are facing.

    Also I think we are underestimating Shumpert, I honestly think he could do the job pretty well.. I mean douglas is a good player but he lacks vision and passing, I highly doubt Shumpert could be any worse in either of those areas. Especially considering how tall he is I do see him playing there, especially because he is the only one who can defend the better point guards in the league.

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    Your big question is the same big question im asking myself. Those 4 guys (Bibby, Douglas, Shumpert, Fields) are the x-factors for this team. The better they perform, the farther we go...Its a positive correlation. I like what im hearing from all 4 of them, but i still find it impossible to make a prediction. Theres no way of knowing how productive they'll be until we see them. Im cautiously optimistic, i wanna make a thread with a poll asking "which of these 4 will make the biggest impact?" but Im waiting to see what happens with the Crawford/Baron Davis/etc. situations. Ill make sure to do that before the 1st preseason game

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