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    Default More Likely To Get Replaced

    Who's more likely to get replaced? and with who?

    Douglas or Fields

    This is a young back court with both guys playing out of position, Douglas is a combo guard mainly a 2 and Fields while versatile is better off as a 3, Bruce Bowen type more athletic. Fields' stroke is still suspect to me I mean his mechanics seem off, his timing is slow while Douglas looks hesitant when he's amongst the trees and nervous in the fast break I feel both should be our back ups, I think Fields would thrive as Melo's back up and Douglas is an energy guy and should mainly come in when we start slow and need a boost.

    Ultimately I think Douglas gets replaced since the PG is the most important spot in D'Antoni's offense.

    I think he either lets Shumpert develop and then gradually replaces Douglas or he finds a way to get his boy Ramon Sessions and names him the starter

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    Doulgas, because he really has no position.Fields is a better defender, rebounder, and can do more things than TD.TD is basically a 2 guard in a PG's body, that plays no defense, and we would be crazy to let fields go, didn't he lead all guards in rebounding last year.

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