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    last year i only watched games that were televised internationally and on illegal streams or D/L'd the games.

    It's not ideal, but saving $200+ and still being able to watch the games is cool. Plus that $200 can then be spent on a jersey and shoes.

    I wouldn't pay extra for less games either so i understand where you are coming from. It's bull**** that they locked out the teams, the fans etc and now want you to pay more. That **** should come FREE for the season as an apology for the lockout.

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    i've tried to order it locally in ny with cablevision, but so far u can't.. no posted prices...

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    Originally Posted by CoolClyde

    I think it's worth it to pay approx $3/game for HD Knicks on a 62 incher,
    especially when you're on the other side of the world.

    damn! aside from the Knicks, the Crazy8 porn's gotta rock your c*ck off!
    The porn is quite the experience, Cool C.

    You can even see the little blonde hairs surrounding the chick's mud buttons! It's madness, I tell you!

    Originally Posted by RunningJumper
    I think he views the games as porn.
    HAHAaaaaa. That knocked my **** joke from the other day.
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    Question: is it possible to use my ILP to watch games through Windows Media Center?
    I would like to watch my Knicks on my TV (50" plasma > 17" screen), unfortunately to connect my PC directly to my TV I'd probably need a mile of HDMI cable, so I'd like to do that via Windows Media Center that connects to my X360 (and TV) using LAN...

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    Originally Posted by Scipio
    Because I have a simple choice. Either subscribe or not see any Knicks. Living in England means tip off time is usually midnight or one am. I cannot watch live so I watch the games the next day. There is no way to do that other than subscribe.

    I can download the games from other sources but they are not always reliable. There is no NBA on any TV here in England so the subscription is the only way that I can ever see any NBA.

    I will subscribe to the team pass this year to save some pounds.
    davka has been very reliable for Knicks games ever since we got STAT. The years before that it was hit and miss but I don't think they missed a single game last year.

    It's very easy to get any game on torrents if you know where to look.

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