This insistence on going after these backcourt players (non of which can defend) seems to point to us not expecting Shump to be in the rotation

as it is we have TD,Feilds,Bibby and Shump

so why all this attention on players like Davis and Crawford? non of them represent an immediate impact for us

our main focus should be trying to grab either a backup for Melo (ie. Shawne Williams) or Stat , not saying our backcourt is ideal, its just simply jammed at this point! and again we are not going after players who upgrade our situation in the backcourt.

I like what Glen has done so far, kinda confused about the focus on Crawford and Baron tho.

Without any game experience and just going off workout and college highlights I would take him over both Crawford and Baron Davis and I suspect he will be starting over Feilds by the end of the season