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Thread: CP3 to clips.

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    Originally Posted by DontForgetDerekHarper
    ok a few things

    1) relax

    2) jordan is still unproven

    3) Billups and Butler potentially might not even make it through the entire season

    4) their bench is awful

    5) cp3 and griffen are going to be awesome I agree, but those two with a bunch of young unproven players, and two injury prone veterans doesnt put you in contention with the mavs, lakers, spurs, thunder just yet

    allbeit, I will say that they will be significantly improved.

    dont buy into the hype

    no haterade being drunk over here

    just being as real about it as I Can be.

    they arent even prepared to compete with the grizzlies just yet

    best possible outcome 6th seed in the west
    lose to the thunder, lakers, or mavs in 6 in the first round.

    thank you for your time.
    I hear you. But I'm not sure I'd underestimate the combo of Paul /Griffin.

    That's a devastating two-some. With a little defense that team can be very good.

    Barring injury, I see them as on par with a team like OKC.

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