I am clueless on the type of performance we will get from Shump's return .. Shump's rookie season did not flourish untill Shump bad-bad decision-making did a u-turn to become a wise decision-making rookie-SG when put in a lineup with PG-Linsanity.

Shump has showed his best talents when in the backcourt with a running-creative PG, the type of talents Jason Kidd was great in the backcourt with 7 and 9 seasons ago (Kerry Kittles style of talent at SG made the two guards the best tandem-guards for 3 straight seasons).
Shump's talents can be compared to Kittles when Shump get his 20 foot jumper at 50%.

Kerry Kittles talent/skills made him a top elite transition guard, but a mediocre-guard when in a steady halfcourt-offense, something that we been doing on every offensive-possesion this season.

Shump's return performance will be mostly evaluated on offense in how well his decison-making will be in a wide-open halfcourt-offense with the oposition already setup on defense .... when Shumps best offense comes from his defense...