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    Default The Remaining Free Agents Thread

    Alright guys. A crap load of repetitive threads are being opened, so I figured I would make one official one.

    Heres a list of the TOP remaining free agents as of Dec 16th: The Hump, Baron Davis, Ak-47, Yi Jianlin, Mike Redd, DeShawn Stevenson, Stuckey, Reggie Evans, and Arenas.

    I say give Stevenson the mini midlevel and sign Redd to a vet contract. Also I would sign Baron to the vet min and put him on the inactive list until March.

    When all is said and done, here could be the Knicks lineup for the playoff push:

    Starting Lineup

    TD23 -6th man/Backup PG
    Redd- Backup SG
    Stevenson- Backup SF/Defense
    Shumpert- Combo guard/Jack of all trades
    Jorts- PF Backup
    Bibby- Vet presence
    Jerome Jordan- C Backup

    The Brian Scalabrine Memorial Inactive Award

    Daddy likes this lineup!
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    I'm not sure we're even interested in signing any free agent besides of Davis, there was no interest and there is no real need to do so, especially in MDA's rotation system. We've already got two players that won't see any minutes except of garbage time.

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